Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage 1930's Circus Photo Shoot Featured on Style Me Pretty

This month we were featured on Style Me Pretty for a vintage-inspired photo shoot we designed with a number of Portland's best creative professionals, including photography by Kate Maxwell Photography.

As always, when we attempt something, we go big.  So one or two models for a photo shoot weren't enough, we went with FOUR.

Special thanks to models KC Guyer (Groom), Spencer Conway (Best Man), Aimee Binford (Maid of Honor) and Raquel Romans (Bride). 

This beautiful centerpiece was created by Anna Mara Flowers in a vintage depression glass vase, true to the 1930's period.

Additional table scape rentals and ceremony rentals were provided by the creative pros at Barclay Event Rentals.

Studio Olivine designed the letterpress invitation suite as well as menu cards and table signage.

Men's fashion and accessories were provided by
Duchess Clothier, vintage shops and Jay Lance.

This fun and colorful circus-themed cake was created by Le Cookie Monkey.

Women's bridal fashions provided by Charlotte's Weddings and More.  These beautiful headpieces were handmade by Elizabeth Perry Collections.

The beautiful, riverfront location is The Foundry at Oswego Pointe.

To see the complete photo gallery on Style Me Pretty, click here:

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Easy Being Green

The trend in Pacific Northwest weddings is a rustic looking, "natural" or "organic" feel, not over-the-top glamour and glitz.  This natural country feel isn't as easy as it looks, there are lots of planned details behind making this look seem cozy and effortless.

What some don't realize is that this trend to use antiques and found objects, old china, used Mason jars, mismatched silverware and vintage fabrics, is actually a very green, environmentally friendly way to host a wedding.  By using and reusing found items, we are recycling old items for new purposes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Got Chalk?

We rent chalkboard signs for your event.  Email us at to find out more about our unique rental selection.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Etiquette is Still in Fashion

Very few traditions are set in stone today when it comes to planning a wedding, particularly on the West Coast. However, as the modern family becomes more complicated, and we rely more on technology, email, and social networking, and less and less on face-to-face contact, it's important that we remember that being polite and respectful never goes out of style.

There are a few things that brides and grooms should still be sensitive to as they plan their nuptuals.

These are age-old rules of etiquette that should be maintained.

1. You Should Not Advertise Your Gift Registries In Your Invitation

In the old days, friends and family would contact the bride's family to inquire about where she was registered. These days, our wedding guest lists have become more diverse, and a large majority of the guests may not know the couple's parents.

Enter the wedding website. Not only does a wedding website allow guests access to all wedding event information, the website may also tell stories of how the couple met, detail who is involved, AND show all gift registry information.

It is still considered socially unacceptable to put your registry information in the invitation. It shouts: "GIVE ME GIFTS!"

2. Do Not Skimp On Food

Wedding reception budgets often equate to down payments on homes. Even small weddings are expensive as all the vendors are hired and expectations to host out-of-town guests run high.

However, as a good host, you should NEVER skimp on the food and beverage budget. Always error on the side of too much food. If there are leftovers, ask your venue their policy on remaining food. Most will box up what is safe to eat and give it to you. If you cannot consume the leftoevers, ask about area shelters who could use the food to feed those less fortunate.

There is an organization in the east county of Portland called Sno Cap that specifically provides this service. Volunteers will come pick up the food at your event site and give it to participating shelters.

We have all seen brides who invite 300 people, spend $5k on a dress, register for very expensive gifts, and then serve cake and coffee at the reception. I urge you to rethink this strategy. While the purpose of the event is to share your commitment with friends and family, it is unfair to ask guests to come from far and wide and not show them your appreciation by feeding them.

3. Be Aware of Sensitive Family Dynamics

Let's face it, the modern-day family is hardly like The Cosby Show. There may be parents, step-parents, biological mothers, adopted mothers, etc. etc.

There are certain roles that are expected of family members in weddings but ALWAYS be conscious of people's feelings and challenge yourself to find ways to be all-inclusive. There is a diplomatic way to make people feel important and involved while letting them know this is your wedding and you make the final decisions.

4. Travel Required for an "Adult Only" Wedding

As the hosts, it is your right to choose if you would like children to attend your wedding and reception.  However, expect your guest list to decrease substantially if you are asking families to travel a long way and their kids aren't invited.

It is some times cost-prohibitive for parents to afford childcare for days, and purchase airfare and hotel accomodations.  Some parents don't feel comfortable leaving their kids at all.

A solution to this dilemma is hiring an event childcare service to watch the kids the day/evening of the wedding.  This is an added expense to you but it will enable more of your guests to come and will show that you are a gracious host that understands the needs of parents and families.

5.  Register For Gifts That Reflect The Budgets Of Your Guests

A good rule of thumb when registering for wedding gifts is to include a wide range of items at varying price points. 

Keep in mind who your guest list consists of and what their realistic gift budgets might be.  If you are a young couple starting out, and a large percentage of your guests are also just out of college, starting their first "real jobs", it probably isn't appropriate for you to register for solely high dollar items.

Do you entertain people who are used to eating off of $500 per place setting china?  Make sure your gift list reflects your lifestyle or your lifestyle in the next ten years.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Anna Mara Floral Design

After meeting recently with Anna of Anna Mara Floral Design, I'm excited about working together more in the future, starting with a stylized, themed photo shoot coming soon.  We're not talking your garden variety photo shoot here.  Can't wait to announce the other vendors who will be participating with us!

Also, exciting things are afoot for Anna Mara Floral Design.

Stay tuned for more details!

Check out Anna Mara's work on her website at:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big Top Event Childcare

Yesterday I met with Therese and Crystal of Big Top Event Childcare.  Anyone who's ever looked into childcare for their wedding, party, or "adult only" event knows that there is a shortage of resources in Oregon for event childcare professionals.  I was thrilled to find out they were starting this business and understood the special needs of event childcare.

It's scary to leave our kids in the hands of complete strangers, even if only for a few hours.  Therefore, its important when hiring (and referring) childcare providers to ask about what kind of background checks they run on their staff as well as their insurance coverage and procedures in case of emergencies.

Big Top staff members are fingerprinted and run through the FBI screening process.  This means that background checks are run through a nationwide system to verify that their staff have no criminal records. 

BTEC's child per caregiver ratio exceeds the state standards and their staff are CPR certified in case of emergencies.  The parents of all children in their care fill out a form notifying the staff of any allergies, health conditions, emergency contact information, etc.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this company is that parents can log into a secured site from their laptop or cellphone to view their children playing and interacting, as the childcare room is video-streamed live.  This way you know what is happening in another room at all times.

What does this mean for my clients?  Now guests invited to out-of-town, "adults only" events, may be better able to attend these events, as childcare is provided at their destination.  Parents can kick up their heals and enjoy themselves knowing that their kids are in good hands.

For more information on Big Top Event Childcare, please go to:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Got Milk Glass?

We all have our vices, ours is milk glass.  Our unhealthy obsession with milk glass could work to your advantage.

What are we going to DO with all of this milk glass?

Did you know we have a wide selection of milk glass for rent? ;)

If you'd like to rent our milk glass pieces, join our milk glass support group, or just share our love of milk glass, call us at 503.267.9602.