Monday, May 30, 2011

Got Milk Glass?

We all have our vices, ours is milk glass.  Our unhealthy obsession with milk glass could work to your advantage.

What are we going to DO with all of this milk glass?

Did you know we have a wide selection of milk glass for rent? ;)

If you'd like to rent our milk glass pieces, join our milk glass support group, or just share our love of milk glass, call us at 503.267.9602.

Kate Maxwell Photography

Part of what I love about being an event and wedding planner is meeting and working with creative and inspirational people.  A few weeks ago I sat down with Kate Maxwell to talk about  future collaborations.

Kate has a great sense of aesthetic and style and yet surprisingly has law school classes and a science degree under her belt.  A few years ago, she took a very unexpected career path, and started a floral business, Fleur Bliss, which raised a few eyebrows among family and friends.

Fleur Bliss immediately took off, and the more Kate honed her floral skills, she found herself photographing her work to show clients.  She had a clear vision of how she wanted her floral and design work presented and photographed, and discovered she had quite a talent for telling a story through her own photography.

Today, Kate looks to the future focusing her work on building her photography business.  While she still does some floral design work for existing clients, she continues to expand Kate Maxwell Photography, capturing the emotion and story of each client.

It's refreshing to find someone who is talented, professional and just fun to be around.  Kate's positive energy and love for her work is contagious.  I can see why she puts her clients at ease and gets such natural, organic photographs.

To see more of Kate's work, visit her blog at: